Since 1977, we have expanded our planning work through a series of projects, to include
  • Land Development Planning
  • Resort Planning
  • Business Planning

    Resort Planning Projects

    Charlottetown Waterfront Hotel CHARLOTTETOWN WATERFRONT HOTEL, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, CANADA. 1996/1999 This 100-room hotel was designed to accommodate a large influx of tourists looking for accommodation in Victorian-style buildings. The site planning includes construction of a 2000-sq.m. shopping facility. Planned for construction in 2000
    Duquah Hotel, Ucluelet DUQUAH HOTEL, Ucluelet, B.C. CANADA, 1998 This hotel was designed to accommodate a casino and related tourism, just east of Ucluelt, B.C. The design is based on Northern Tsimpsian architecture, a decision of the Duquah F.N, owners of the project. Not constructed as of January, 2000.
    Resort Zanzibar, Tanzania RESORT ZANZIBAR Pongwe Beach, Island of Zanzibar, TANZANIA, 1991-1995 This is a development plan for a comprehensive resort off the east coast of Africa. The project includes a resort hotel of 300 rooms, a marina for 100 boats, a recreation club, a golf course, and Persian baths. The site is 200 hectares, facing the Indian Ocean. Construction is expected in the late 1990's
    Belungkor Resort Site Plan BELUNGKOR RESORT, Belungkor, Malaysia. (near Singapore) General planning of a large comprehensive resort including ferry terminal, commercial village, village hotel (200-room), resort hotel (250-room), golf course & club house, recreation centre, several hundred residential units, canal development with residential lots. (with The Hulbert Group, Queensland)
    Tupai Island Resort Site Plan TUPAI ISLAND RESORT near Bora Bora, French Polynesia. General planning of comprehensive resort on a 7-km. diam. atol; including village; hotel (500-room), traditional native resort village, 40 residential lots, golf course, air strip. (with The Hulbert Group, Queensland)
    Al Khiran City Plan AL KHIRAN CITY PLAN Kuwait. Plan for a small city in southern Kuwait, part of a planning/design competition. (with The Hulbert Group, Queensland)

    Land Use Planning Projects

    NESKONLITH COMMUNITY PLAN a recently-completed planning project for the Neskonlith Indian Band, a Shuswap community east of Kamloops, British Columbia. This included a study of existing resources, economic and cultural development opportunities, and a specific development plan for the next several years. 1995
    SHIPROCK NORTHERN NAVAJO FAIR Shiprock, Navajo Nation, New Mexico, U.S.A. A site plan and development schedule for temporary and permenant exhibition, cultural, sales and racing facilities on 100 hectare site. 1994
    NESKONLITH VILLAGE CENTRE BUILDINGS Chase, Canada Series of buildings to house community facilities, based on traditional pit-house design. 1982
    ROUND LAKE ALCOHOL TREATMENT CENTRE Vernon, B.C.Site planning & programming, schematic designs for this facility. 1980 (this project was carried out by Malcolm McSporran, on contract to Round Lake Treatment Centre)
    ROCKHAMPTON WATERFRONT RENEWAL Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. Planning , design of a waterfront market wharf, adjacent streets, historic buildings (this project was carried out by Malcolm McSporran, under contract to The Hulbert Group, Architects, Southport, Australia)

    Business Planning Projects

    F & J MKAMBALA Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Business Plan for purchasing and exporting Raw Cashew Nuts from Tanznia to India, 1998
    SPIRIT CIRCLE Mount Currie, B.C, Canada. Business Plan for purchase, expansion and operation of an existing gallery / restaurant north of Whistler, 1996
    QUILICUM RESTAURANT Vancouver, Canada. Planning and development of a Native Indian food restaurant. General Manageer for first year 1984 - 1986
    LUTHERS MARKET, Shiprock, Navajo Nation, New Mexico, U.S.A. Plan for large grocery store, gas outlet and cafe. 1987
    SOLSTICE LOG SALVAGE LTD. Duncan, B.C. Canada A company for industrial log salvaging with tug boats and hovercraft. 1986

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